ESD Control for Electronics Assembly Operators

These self-administered media training programs (in two formats*), provide industry-approved testing and certification in basic ESD Control for your electronics assembly operators - those people involved in the technical creation of electronics assemblies.

They cover the physics of static electricity, how static charges damage electronic components, the importance of personal grounding, ESD-safe work areas, elimination of static generating materials, controlling charge
build-ups, activities that create static electricity, and proper handling / storage / transportation of ESD sensitive devices.

Each of the programs give you everything you need to train, test and certify your operators in the fundamentals of ESD and its prevention. Our certificates of completion are for students who achieve a passing score on the certification exam. You can even host your own computer-based program with our Online Video Training format, or go online immediately with our free web-based auto-tests. (See media format options below.)

*Choose your preferred media format...

DVD - Ideal for classroom or group presentation as a supplement to instructor-lead training. Train and certify all of your operators quickly and effectively. Contains optional English subtitles for the hearing-impaired or ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) audiences.  Numerous alternate language versions (54C only).  Train in classroom, but test by computer, using our free online testing programs.  For unlimited students at one facility with no expiration.

OVT - Or Online Video Training, an automated, computer-based learning tool for your network, intranet, or LMS, incoporating IPC training videos with built-in testing programs that you control. For unlimited students at a single facility (Site license), or multiple facilities (Global license). No expiration.


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